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New in nopCommerce 4.10

nopCommerce is based on the.NET Core 2.1 Framework

One of the most important points of the update to version 4.10 is the migration to the.NET Core 2.1 framework. Originally, nopCommerce used the.NET Framework 4.6.1 in versions 1.00 to 3.90. With the support of the very young and efficient framework.NET Core 2.10, the shop system is platform independent for the first time with regard to the basis of the program.. The shop system is now more compact, much more efficient and uses the latest technologies available for this framework. However, the platform independence is only announced with the upcoming version 4.20, which is expected to be released in summer 2018. Further development is necessary here, since installation, file handling and support for other SQL servers and web servers are part of this platform independence.

GDPR support

The new version supports you in complying with the EU data protection regulations that came into force on 25 May 2018. nopCommerce helps with the implementation by allowing you, as the shop operator, to freely formulate consents that are provided to the visitor of your website in the registration process. Acceptance of consent is logged and visitors can view or change their consent in their profile at any time. In this way you can also obtain the consent for the sending of newsletters. If your shop works in several languages, the agreement can also be stored in different languages. In a Multishop environment, approval can be added per shop. CMS system with preview The CMS system in nopCommerce gets a button "Preview". The post must be saved for this, but it can still be written invisibly for the public shop. With the BLOG function you will appreciate this, because you can now control posts that are only to be published in the near future via the preview function..

Language Pack German

The company EULANDA Software has finished the German language package with the release of the official version 4.10. It contains the complete translation of the English specifications with greatly extended field help. Valuable information on complex field entries helps the shop administrator to better configure the system.

Surveys extended

The surveys have been extended, so now surveys are no longer globally valid for all shops in a multishop environment, but you can share or assign surveys for certain shops.


The Odata interface, which is a prerequisite for the connection of EULANDA® ERP, is available for nopCommerce 4.10 as an option of Nop4You. EULANDA Software has also adapted the ERP interface to the new authorization system with token. The plugin also supports the new image management, which now stores the binary part of the image in its own table.

Review system extended

It is now possible to reply to customer reviews and send a message to the customer. This makes it easy to communicate with the customer and respond to criticism.

Administration interface simplified

The index cards for the delivery and billing addresses have been combined on one index card. In addition, the menu item for wish list and shopping cart has been combined. The actual selection is made on the dialog page via a selection box. Enhancement of attributes

Extension of attributes

In nopCommerce attributes can also be used to change prices. For example, when assembling a computer with different levels of RAM. The system has now been extended and also allows a percentage selection in the product detail page of the shop.

Required products

In earlier versions it was already possible to define products that should be automatically added to the shopping cart when a certain product is selected. As of version 4.10, these necessary products are now automatically removed from the shopping cart when the original product is removed.

Checkout can be switched off

This can be interesting if maintenance is to be carried out but the customer should still be able to view products. Or you don't generally want to offer a sale of goods, but just define the system as a catalog for viewing.

Gift cards extended

With gift cards, the customer now sees the residual value of his gift card in the checkout process.

Administrator can remove items in the shopping basket

The administrator can now remove parts from the shopping cart or wish list. Previously, you had to authenticate on behalf of the customer. Upload image import from any workstation in the batch

Image import from any workstation in the batch

The web console can now be used to upload images that are contained as links in an XML file and are located on external servers. The image resource must be accessible via the http protocol.

Discount code as link

You can now create discount codes and assign a link to them. The recipient no longer has to enter the code, but can click on one directly.

Libraries updated

Among other things Google Analystics Plugin has been updated to support the "global site tag".