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Functions of the radio server

The radio server is started in EULANDA® on the PC where the radio base station is located. You start the radio server via "Accessories" on the quick start bar.

The various functions of the EULANDA® Wireless Server Module can be configured in the "Accessories" section of the toolbar under "Settings". To do this, click on the "Wireless server tab" in the setting module.

The menu items can be activated or deactivated individually. In this way, only the really necessary functions are available in the device.

Main menu

The main menu for the modules offered can be accessed via the F1 key on your radio terminal. The name of the active client is displayed in the first line. Use the arrow keys to select the desired menu item and confirm with OK.

Inventory entry

Inventure entry allows you to enter the actual stock. The goods are therefore entered with the absolute stock count. The corresponding adjustment posting is calculated and posted.

Either the barcode or the article number can be used to specify the product. First it tries to find the article by its barcode number, if this fails, it will automatically search for the article number.

If the barcode is scanned, the entry is sent immediately; pressing OK is not necessary. If you want to enter a quantity, this must be done before scanning in the"Actual" input field.

To access the main menu, press the F1 key.

Inventory with inventory module

With an existing inventory module, different inventory documents can be recorded with different handheld devices. For this purpose, the physical inventory is created as described in the physical inventory module and then a corresponding physical inventory document is created. After saving the inventory document, a handset can be assigned via the extra menu. The individual handsets are listed with a serial number of 1-n for this purpose. Enter the number to the left of the desired serial number to assign the device to the document.

The handset can also be removed in the same menu.

Stock query

To check stock, enter the barcode number or article number. Alternatively, the number can also be scanned using the barcode laser.

By pressing OK or scanning the barcode, the stock is retrieved from the EULANDA® database and displayed.

Depending on whether the number entered was a barcode or article number,"B-No" or"A-No" is entered as the field name in the display. After confirming the message by pressing the OK key, the next number is requested. To access the main menu, press the F1 key.

Goods receipt

The goods receipt does not post the absolute value like the physical inventory mode, but only the quantity received or issued.

First enter the required quantity in the quantity field and then the bar code or article number in the next field. First the number is assumed as barcode number, if no data record is found here, the article is searched for via the article number. After entering the number, the booking is transmitted to the radio server via the OK key.

If the number is scanned via the barcode laser, the data set is transferred to the radio server immediately, i.e. without pressing OK. For this reason, the quantity must be entered beforehand. If the quantity is missing, the quantity is assumed to be"1".

The last booking is always displayed in the lower area for checking purposes. Especially in the event of a timeout, you can thus see which booking was processed last at the next radio contact.

To access the main menu, press the F1 key.

Address request

The address search uses the matchcode. You only need to enter the first letters here. The letter mode can be reached by pressing the "shift" key once. The active key appears in the upper right corner of the display. Enter the letters by pressing the numeric keys several times. If the letter"C" on the numeric keypad is in the third position under"7", the number"7" must be pressed three times accordingly.

If you have entered the beginning of the matchcode, the search is triggered with OK.

The radio server searches for the first 7 records that match the matchcode entered and displays them in a list for selection.

By selecting the name and confirming with OK, the data set is called up and displayed.

Tracking input

The tracking entry facilitates the storage of shipping information. Parcel senders such as UPS, German-Parcel, etc. provide you with barcodes that you stick on the parcels or put in the shipping bags.

Since this barcode is only fixed in shipping, it must be added to the respective delivery note if you want to track the parcels via the Internet.

With the tracking function, this happens almost automatically. You simply print the delivery note number as a barcode on the outgoing delivery note or A/R invoice. You define this once with the EULANDA®-Report-Designer. After attaching the shipping company barcode label to your package, simply scan both numbers one after the other.

The radio server locates the delivery note in the EULANDA® database and enters the number as the bill of lading number.

Via the EULANDA®-Infosystem you can retrieve the status of your parcel from the delivery note module at any time.

To access the main menu, press the F1 key.