Eulanda and nopCommerce


Retail Management with Shop System


You want a professional online shop?

Have many items and want to synchronize them automatically with the shop?

Orders should be automatically transferred to your enterprise resource planning system?

You require interfaces to eBay, Amazon, EDIFACT and other systems?


We have a solution for you that will inspire you!




A closed solution, created in Delphi by a competent and energetic team
Eulanda shows that custom extensions and a standard product are not mutually exclusive. The product has been sold since 2000 and is now available in the 8th version.

Important for the makers is to have a robust and stable product that is also able to quickly manage
large order quantities of more than 5000 orders per day.

Eulanda has today:

over 3500 installations
has over 25 solution and retail partners in Germany
is available in 6 languages supported standards like EDIFACT, DATANORM, GOBD and more




An open source software with a dedicated team

nopCommerce is a great example of an open source product: It is transparent and open
for dialogue with developers from around the world. The product has been developed and supported by a professional team since 2008.

More than 35 versions have been released. Community suggestions and the latest Internet trends
are carefully analysed by the nopCommerce team and implemented in the latest versions.

The versions are customer-oriented, only stable technologies are used,
which support the performance of the shops.

NopCommerce today:

more than 30,000 installations
has over 130 solution partners
10 hosting partners
more than 20 technology partners in over 40 countries
with a constantly growing marketplace for plug-ins 



Everything goes hand in hand!

Sophisticated shop software runs in the background nopCommerce, based on a modern, clear programming language based on a failsafe SQL database server.

In the foreground works an ERP with many possibilities and interfaces to connect to other programs. You enter your articles in categories in EULANDA ERP and the released articles are automatically transferred to the shop system when they are changed. Orders received in the shop system are also automatically transferred to the merchandise management system.



See some examples?

The modern layouts are based on extension packages with which you can give every EULANDA standard shop a special touch.

Fresh design and clear lines. The OUTDOOR-SHOP can of course also be filled with other articles.


The BIKER-SHOP is all about speed and looks great even with water sports equipment.


Classy design and matching colours make the WINE-SHOP a classy choice for your wines, too.


Further examples will follow shortly.



Start right now!

EULANDA Software optionally offers the hosting of the shop system on computers on German data centers, including the complete connection to the ERP EULANDA.

You can put your article online in less than 15 minutes.
The system can be purchased or rented cheaply from 95 EUR per month, the whole with monthly cancellation - fair, or?


Start today by and call us: +49 6126 9373-0 or write to