Plug-ins are add-on modules to the EULANDA ERP system that have been developed outside the system, but are stored in the database after installation. This technology allows third-party vendors to develop add-on modules that extend your EULANDA system. These can be extensions of the database, the EULANDA homepage, screen masks, information systems, short information systems, reports and much more. Plug-ins can be free of charge or linked to certain options such as an ABO (= maintenance contract) or can be purchased.
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FoxNetSoft Language Resources - German


Language resources in German to plug-ins of the company FoxNetSoft in connection with a nopCommerce online shop.

The purchase of the translation also entitles the user to download corrections on a permanent basis. The download is always maintained and distributed under "My account" in the shop on "". However, there is no right to corrections or new versions.

The language resources are updated very often and refer to the current shop version if possible.

Note: We recommend to receive the newsletter for purchased products (selectable at DSGVO). You will then receive an e-mail for major updates.

Currently 56 language resources (2019-07-18) for the following plug-ins are delivered:

  • FoxNetSoft.AmazonConnector
  • FoxNetSoft.Articles
  • FoxNetSoft.AutomaticRelatedProducts
  • FoxNetSoft.AutoRegisterGuest
  • FoxNetSoft.BackOrderNotifications
  • FoxNetSoft.BrainTreeDropin
  • FoxNetSoft.BrotliCompression
  • FoxNetSoft.CDNConnector
  • FoxNetSoft.CheckOrderStatus
  • FoxNetSoft.ConstantContact
  • FoxNetSoft.ContentManager
  • FoxNetSoft.CountdownTimer
  • FoxNetSoft.DHL
  • FoxNetSoft.EbayConnector
  • FoxNetSoft.EXactHostedCheckout
  • FoxNetSoft.ExAuthSocial
  • FoxNetSoft.FeedManager
  • FoxNetSoft.GoogleEnhancedEcommerce
  • FoxNetSoft.ImageSitemap
  • FoxNetSoft.IPFilter
  • FoxNetSoft.LandingPage
  • FoxNetSoft.LoginWithEmail
  • FoxNetSoft.ManoManoConnector
  • FoxNetSoft.MonerisHostedPaypage
  • FoxNetSoft.MSSQLProvider
  • FoxNetSoft.MultiLanguageSitemap
  • FoxNetSoft.MultipleTaxes.xml
  • FoxNetSoft.OutOfStockLast
  • FoxNetSoft.PayflowPro
  • FoxNetSoft.PayflowProDirect
  • FoxNetSoft.PaymentRules
  • FoxNetSoft.PaypalExchange
  • FoxNetSoft.PaypalExpressCheckout
  • FoxNetSoft.PaypalPlus
  • FoxNetSoft.PaypalSmartPaymentButton
  • FoxNetSoft.PaypalStandardPro
  • FoxNetSoft.PerformanceFix
  • FoxNetSoft.PhoneNumberMask
  • FoxNetSoft.PopupLogin
  • FoxNetSoft.PriceManager
  • FoxNetSoft.RichCards
  • FoxNetSoft.SearchSpellingCorrector
  • FoxNetSoft.ShareYourCart
  • FoxNetSoft.ShareYourOrder
  • FoxNetSoft.ShippingEasyCom
  • FoxNetSoft.SimpleCheckout
  • FoxNetSoft.SpecialOffers
  • FoxNetSoft.SquarePaymentFlow
  • FoxNetSoft.SquarePaymentForm
  • FoxNetSoft.StampsConnector
  • FoxNetSoft.StripeDirect
  • FoxNetSoft.StripeHostedCheckout
  • FoxNetSoft.TrackingCodeManager
  • FoxNetSoft.WarehouseManager
  • FoxNetSoft.WaterMark
  • FoxNetSoft.YandexMarket

NOTE: The product contains only the language resources, the necessary plug-ins must be purchased from FoxNetSoft.