Plug-ins are add-on modules to the EULANDA ERP system that have been developed outside the system, but are stored in the database after installation. This technology allows third-party vendors to develop add-on modules that extend your EULANDA system. These can be extensions of the database, the EULANDA homepage, screen masks, information systems, short information systems, reports and much more. Plug-ins can be free of charge or linked to certain options such as an ABO (= maintenance contract) or can be purchased.
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Project management


This plug-in allows you to create budget billing and final invoices in a project management system.

€297.50 incl tax

Visit journal


With the PlugIn Visit Journal it is possible to save any number of visit entries for a customer. Each visit entry contains information such as visit date, name of the sales representative, name of the person visited, and a comment text.

€113.05 incl tax

DATEV in CSV format


The add-on module DATEV in CSV format allows you to transfer outgoing invoices to the DATEV system or to a compatible financial accounting system.

It is a new development and is binding from 01.01.2018. It supports the DATEV format in ASCII format structure including header.

For auditing purposes, the outdated DATEV is also available in DV/EV format.

€416.50 incl tax

DeepL Article Translation


Plugin for connecting DeepL to the ERP system EULANDA®.

In our opinion, DeepL is the leading machine translation system worldwide.

EULANDA article and info texts can be translated into up to 6 languages at the push of a button or automatically in the background. Currently these are English, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish and Polish.

The interface supports the DeepL format "v2". In addition to the standard tags "DE", "EN" etc., special tags such as "DE:SHORT", which are important for connecting Internet shops, are also supported.

The translations can be carried out at the push of a button for the displayed article, but also in batch mode for all articles containing the shop release. In addition, the interface can be integrated into Windows task planning. In this way, for example, all new article texts can be translated overnight.

Translated articles can alternatively be marked in the characteristics tree. This ensures manual control and post-processing.

If different conditions are required in batch mode, many options can be stored in the configuration.

After the purchase the plugin is immediately available for download. You can also find the download later at any time under My account.

Further information on the installation and operation of the plugin can be found in the online manual.

€654.50 incl tax

Document management


With the document management it is possible to store any documents, pictures and drawings for an address, an article, an offer, an order, a delivery note or an invoice. The documents are stored in folders on the server or at the single workstation. The stored files are displayed in the respective area and can be opened directly from there.

€113.05 incl tax

Print logging


With the plugin print logging, all printouts of quotations, invoices and orders are logged in the info field of the respective process. In addition to the date, time and user name, it is also recorded whether the output has been made via the printer, e-mail or preview.

€113.05 incl tax

FoxNetSoft Language Resources - German


Language resources in German to plug-ins of the company FoxNetSoft in connection with a nopCommerce online shop.

The purchase of the translation entitles to the permanent download of corrections to exactly this version of nopCommerce. The download is always maintained and distributed under "My account" in the shop on "".

Note: We recommend to receive the newsletter for purchased products (selectable at DSGVO). You will then receive an e-mail for major updates.

Currently 24 language resources for the following plug-ins are delivered:

  • FoxNetSoft.AmazonConnector
  • FoxNetSoft.Articles
  • FoxNetSoft.AutomaticRelatedProducts
  • FoxNetSoft.ContentManager
  • FoxNetSoft.EbayConnector
  • FoxNetSoft.ExAuthSocial
  • FoxNetSoft.FeedManager
  • FoxNetSoft.GoogleEnhancedEcommerce
  • FoxNetSoft.IPFilter
  • FoxNetSoft.ImageSitemap
  • FoxNetSoft.LandingPage
  • FoxNetSoft.MSSQLProvider
  • FoxNetSoft.ManoManoConnector
  • FoxNetSoft.PaymentRules
  • FoxNetSoft.PaypalExpressCheckout
  • FoxNetSoft.PaypalPlus
  • FoxNetSoft PriceManager
  • FoxNetSoft.RichCards
  • FoxNetSoft.ShippingEasyCom
  • FoxNetSoft.SimpleCheckout
  • FoxNetSoft.SpecialOffers
  • FoxNetSoft.StampsConnector
  • FoxNetSoft.trackingCodeManager
  • FoxNetSoft.WaterMark

NOTE: The product contains only the language resources, the necessary plug-ins must be purchased from FoxNetSoft.

€20.00 incl tax

Consignment stores


With the plug-in consignment store it is possible to add labels of warehouse addresses and the possibility to assign them to a consignment store account.

€654.50 incl tax

Nop InAdvance Payment


The "Payment in advance" plugin provides the "prepayment" method. In the checkout process, the customer is informed of the exact procedure and the bank details of the shop owner are displayed.

User roles can be used to determine who is offered this payment method.

The screens in the administration area as well as in the checkout process support different languages. The basic package includes English, German and Italian. The language management included in NopCommerce makes it very easy to add additional languages.

The plugin is currently available for the shop software NopCommerce versions 3.80 and 3.90.

This module is also supported by the shop interface 3.x, so that prepayments can be automatically taken over by the ERP EULANDA.

€46.41 incl tax


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