The OpenVPN configurator supports you in creating the ovpn configuration files for the server as well as for the client. The prerequisite is a current basic installation of OpenVPN and Powershell 5.1, which is available free of charge from Windows 7 and later and is already standard in Windows 10 and Windows 2016.

The server configuration is created via a simple command line with few parameters and the client file is created just as easily. The configuration file contains the keys and certificates embedded, so that only one file has to be distributed.

This is especially useful when you need to provide OpenVPN configurations to smartphones running iOS or Android.

The finished Powershell script is just over 800 lines long and contains all the logic.

A server configuration is possible with the following line:

Powershell .\PsEulOpen.ps1 server -ip

Here the VPN server then has the first IP, the clients then make use of the remaining pool of 253 addresses.

A client configuration is created in the simplest case as follows:

Powershell .\PsEulOpen.ps1 client "markus

Only the name of the output file is required here. This is completed by the server name and the usual Ovpn file extension. Company information such as C, ST, L, ORG, EMAIL, UNIT etc. can be set as parameters or specified directly in the script.

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