Additional client

With a client license, you can add another client, i. e. independent databases, on the same server on which the main license is located. If several SQL servers or instances are in use, a basic license with additional modules may be required for the additional server.

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Additional databases may be added by buying additional clients. EULANDA® supports communication between databases using rules which are applied while customizing the program.

The maximum expansion of clients depends on the EULANDA® line used. EULANDA® Small Business supports only one client, while EULANDA® Professional max. 10 clients. With the Enterprise it is possible to expand up to 200 clients on the same SQL server.

It makes sense to use client licenses if several independent companies are to be managed on the same server, or if they are partly independent subsidiaries or constructs that are to be listed separately in the postings. Additional consolidated statistics can be created in Customizing.


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