Automatic translation of EULANDA and nopCommerce

Automatic translation of EULANDA and nopCommerce

You have products that you would like to sell abroad?

There is a lot to consider here, one thing is certainly the translation of the articles. If you only have a few articles, you can of course hire a professional translation agency. However, if you have many articles or you have a rapidly changing assortment, it will quickly become very expensive.

Machine translations can help here. We all know this from Google, Bing and the like, but usually it's more like funny texts and even with little language knowledge it's easy to understand, you won't have much fun here.

DeepL is a product of a German software company that also tries to solve this problem and... you quickly notice - very good results are produced.

They are breaking new ground in the recognition of interrelationships and the system is learning new things every month. It has created a quality standard that is almost impossible to overtake.

How can I use it with EULANDA or nopCommerce?

Everyone can use DeepL privately free of charge, but the submitted texts can be stored internally and used further. This is problematic for companies, not least because of the new DSGVO.

DeepL offers an entry-level model for 20 EUR per month, which should suffice for many. The translations are not stored internally, up to 1000000 characters per month can be translated and the service can be accessed programmatically via an API.

In the private version, however, you can test the quality quickly. When copying longer texts you will be made aware of who did the translation. Of course, you can remove it locally, but if you have a lot to translate, this is of course a NO-GO.

In any case, some language skills are important, DeepL translates very well from scratch, but sometimes the translation is not optimal. So you can click on an alternative in the result and quickly notice how much better the semi-automatic result can become.

Currently DeepL speaks German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch and Polish. Further languages are to follow. You also notice very quickly that DeepL does not translate in an intermediate language, but goes a more suitable way.

For example, other machine translators quickly leave English terms behind when translating German->Italian. The content looks a bit like this...

EULANDA in multilingual

There is a multi-language module for ELANDA, so that you can enter the translations in the article long text with a language separator -[EN] for English, etc. On printing, the customer's language is evaluated and the invoice or quotation is then printed in the customer's language.
If you are interested, we will program a plug-in that is directly linked to DeepL and automatically translates your article texts. Write us your ideas in the commentary.


If the texts in EULANDA are entered in several languages, then they are also transferred to our preferred shop system. The website was hereby created. Take a look at the products, everything including the categories is automatically handed over multilingual by EULANDA.


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