Correspondence language Spanish

This correspondence language is used for printing in Spanish. The standard forms such as quotations, delivery notes, invoices, etc. are translated into the target language in real time, i. e. during printing. This has the advantage that only one form is required for all languages.

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The ERP system EULANDA® has excellent language support. From the EULANDA® Professional line onward, it is possible to print in almost any foreign language. By default, only the most important languages are offered, but the translation kit allows you to add other languages.

Before printing, the report templates are sent by a translation module that translates the fixed elements of the form into the new target language. The target language can be stored in the customer's address master so that customers receive quotations in their own language, for example, while the standard language is used for the archive, for example.

Before printing, you have the opportunity to select a new language suggested by the customer base. With the correspondence language package it is possible to enter article texts in different languages.

Within the report templates, you can also use the internal dictionary in your own scripts. This possibility is often used by programmers to exploit other subtleties of language support.


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