DeepL Article Translation

Plugin for connecting DeepL to the ERP system EULANDA®.

In our opinion, DeepL is the leading machine translation system worldwide.

EULANDA article and info texts can be translated into up to 6 languages at the push of a button or automatically in the background. Currently these are English, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish and Polish.

The interface supports the DeepL format "v2". In addition to the standard tags "DE", "EN" etc., special tags such as "DE:SHORT", which are important for connecting Internet shops, are also supported.

The translations can be carried out at the push of a button for the displayed article, but also in batch mode for all articles containing the shop release. In addition, the interface can be integrated into Windows task planning. In this way, for example, all new article texts can be translated overnight.

Translated articles can alternatively be marked in the characteristics tree. This ensures manual control and post-processing.

If different conditions are required in batch mode, many options can be stored in the configuration.

After the purchase the plugin is immediately available for download. You can also find the download later at any time under My account.

Further information on the installation and operation of the plugin can be found in the online manual.

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  • At least one EULANDA correspondence module must exist for an output language. This is necessary so that the printouts, such as those of an invoice, only output the desired language.
  • An API key from DeepL must be present. This can be done under must be applied for. You need an ABO for developers there. Please check the costs at DeepL.
  • An EULANDA version 7.x is required.
  • An Internet connection for controlling DeepL.

NOTE: The forms used must support multilingualism. This has been the case since EULANDA 4.0.74. If own forms are used, which possibly originate from an older EULANDA, the changes would have to take place again on basis of the current EULANDA forms.

DATA PROTECTION: The article data is transferred to DeepL and the translations are automatically retrieved from there and stored in EULANDA. The provisions on data protection can be found in your DeepL contract conditions.


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