Extended stock taking

With the module for extended inventory it is possible to organize inventories, save them with names, output control lists and perform inventories faster by supporting the radio server module.

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You can define physical inventory areas using the extended inventory. These can be rooms, storage locations, or other logical sections of the warehouse. For each segment, you can print out count lists that are distributed to inventory personnel.

During the inventory, the warehouse is blocked for movements. The system displays "pending" goods and allows you to process these movements first. With an existing radio server, a radio scanner can be assigned to a count list so that the counting can be carried out very quickly and accurately.

By means of shrinkage and difference lists, cross-checks can be carried out which can also be carried out after completion of the inventory by means of control entries without the warehouse having to be blocked.

The inventory is stored under a freely definable name in the database so that even after years the evaluation and control lists can still be printed.


  • Define physical inventory areas
  • Stock block during inventory
  • Control lists
  • Physical inventory valuation
  • Differential lists
  • Radio server support


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