This module imports DATANORM data version 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0.

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With the module for importing data in Datanorm 5.0 format, data can be imported. In addition, older formats, such as Datanorm 3.0 and 4.0, are processed by an emulator. In case of doubt, ask your data provider whether he/she is better able to provide you with the current format 5.0.

The Datanorm data can be read in from diskette, CD or hard disk. The hard disk is usually used when the data is loaded from the Internet. If several files of a wholesale company are to be imported, the correct sequence is automatically observed when importing the files. You can import any number of vendors. Overlapping of identical article numbers from different suppliers is handled automatically. Price maintenance is guaranteed even after the article number has been changed in the article master.

Discount and merchandise categories of the wholesale trade can be added or changed manually. Here too, overlaps are automatically handled correctly. The discount and merchandise categories in the article master are independent of those of the vendors. After importing, you can call up statistics on the supplier articles and the number of articles, the various discount groups and, above all, the different discount rates.

It is possible to assign identical articles from different suppliers and to carry out price comparisons. Supplier information and prices can be clearly displayed in the information system within EULANDA®.


  • Format DATANORM 5.0
  • Emulation of format 3.0 and 4.0
  • Automatic Sequence
  • Any number of suppliers
  • Article number of the master remains changeable
  • Overlap of identical article numbers
  • Price maintenance also after art. no. change
  • Takeover of RG and discounts
  • Optional manual input of discounts
  • Transfer of material groups
  • Statistics of the imported data
  • Optional integration in the characteristics tree
  • Price comparison via information system


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