Radio server base module

With the EULANDA® radio server module in conjunction with Nordic ID RF601 scanner, goods receipt, inventory and other functions can be carried out wirelessly. For example, inventory changes are immediately stored in the EULANDA® database.

Contained are:

  • Mobile order entry
  • Extended query masks; the query masks can be extended by customizing from outside. In the standard delivery five article query masks are delivered.
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This eliminates the need to dock the radio terminal or select a transfer function in EULANDA®, so that you can work faster and more efficiently. The radio server module is started at the EULANDA® workstation, to which the receiver unit (= base unit) is also connected. It then works in the background. One radio server module can manage multiple radio terminals. The range of 700m in the open air can be extended by additional base stations (= roaming).

You can enter article numbers using the keyboard or scan in via the barcode reader. You can use the stock query to check article stocks. In addition, the price and item description are displayed. It does not matter whether you search for the item using its barcode or the item number. The module automatically searches both fields.

You can use the menu option "Goods receipt" to post warehouse stock online. Incoming delivery notes can be recorded easily, whereby you can save the vendor and delivery note number as well as additional information. If items require serial numbers, you can scan in serial numbers or enter them using the keyboard. Subsequent serial numbers are calculated and transferred by a single input.

In contrast to goods receipt, physical inventory allows you to enter absolute stock levels. The creation of manual counting lists and the associated typing errors are a thing of the past.

You need an address with a telephone number in the warehouse or on the way - no problem. The EULANDA® radio server selects the address for you and transfers it to your radio terminal.

In shipping, the radio server helps you to assign the waybill number, which is usually attached to the shipment as a barcode label (e. g. 1Z number for UPS) to the outgoing delivery note. The waybill number is automatically stored in the EULANDA® database so that you can use the integrated tracking system in EULANDA® to check the parcel status with the carrier.


  • Stock inventory query
  • Goods receipt
  • Inventure input
  • Search for addresses
  • Tracking input
  • Multiterminal capable


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