Serial numbers

The Serial Numbers module allows you to assign a unique serial number to an item. The serial number is queried for every stock movement within the EULANDA® merchandise management system. All flows are managed in a similar way to double-entry accounting and can be called up via journals.

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From the time of goods receipt, serial numbers are entered in the EULANDA® merchandise management system. Each stock movement calls up a dialog box that displays the serial number to be moved.

It is always possible to trace where the articles with a certain serial number are and which way they have gone. If an item has been sold, it is in the customer's "warehouse".

Serial numbers are supported in BOMs and in sub-articles as well as in main articles. The multi-storage module is a useful addition to the serial number module. You can see at any time which serial numbers are available in which storage location.

Nowadays, serial numbers are indispensable for complex devices, but also in the medical field a mature serial number management is an absolute must.


  • Serial number via dialog selection
  • Serial numbers are supported in BOMs
  • Multi-warehouse support
  • Separate support for extended inventory


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