Transfers of XML orders

With XML data exchange, a wide variety of data records can be exchanged. The module not only supports the exchange of data within different EULANDA® programs, it is also very suitable for transferring article data to an eCommerce system (= Shop System) and for taking orders from this system.

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Description of the

The XML module allows the data exchange of XML files via a dialog mask, but also programmatically.

The data exchange via the mask dialog is especially intended for the user. This allows offers, orders, addresses and articles to be exchanged between different EULANDA® versions.

In this way it is possible, for example, to enter orders at a trade fair with an independent EULANDA® and then transfer them to the head office in the evening, e.g. by email. This can take over the orders including the new addresses, so that an order processing can take place very promptly. A field service can also be connected in a similar way.

In addition to these simple scenarios, more complex processes can also be carried out. For example, a logistics center can take over the delivery of ordered goods and print the shipping documents on a remote, independent system, or supplier orders can be generated from customer orders.

There are hardly any limits to XML data exchange. So even a web designer or external programmer can easily connect e-commerce systems or shop systems to EULANDA® without having to worry about the complex system of relational tables. XML data can be imported via iScript directly into EULANDA®, alternatively it is also possible to start EULANDA® in batch mode and import XML data.


  • Offline branch connection, field service possible
  • Order entry at trade fairs
  • Export XML data via dialog
  • Import XML data via dialog
  • Basic data such as constants are automatically generated.
  • XML data export from a print form
  • XML data exchange via API iScript
  • XML data import batch taxed
  • Programmable interface also via API


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