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Nordic ID® RF601 provides fast, easy and responsive barcode data collection. The 433 MHz radio brings wide coverage and secure data transfers due to Nordic ID proprietary protocol. Due to built-in site survey feature, finding the optimal base station mounting points is easy.


  • Wide network range
  • Easy installation and usage
  • Color: Turquoise
Manufacturer: NORDIC ID
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Nordic ID RF601

With this system you have everything under control: with the EULANDA merchandise management system, the inventory module or individual or industrial special applications - the Nordic ID RF601 is flexible and can be used all day long thanks to its low weight and high battery performance.

The radio terminal is connected to the EULANDA database online.

Data transfer in real-time

With this solution the complete software runs on the host system, in this case the EULANDA ERP system runs on the server. The data transfer takes place in real time to the 260g light MDE.

This means that all employees have access to the current stock, to a lot of product information and can enter orders, e. g. at trade fairs or in showrooms, at any time.

Updates and system changes are carried out centrally and in a time-saving manner.

The mobile terminal is optionally equipped with a laser scanner or a long range laser. The large illuminated display is easy to read even in low light conditions,

The Nordic ID RF601 is used, for example, in the retail sector, where a large number of activities can be transferred to the salesroom by using the terminal. This means that employees are available for customer inquiries more frequently and the service is significantly improved as a result. [IT]


The system is easy to install as the Nordic ID RF601 has a long radio range. With a mobile terminal, a radio beacon mode can be activated in seconds, which makes it possible to determine the best locations for possible additional base stations during operation.

Software Enhancements

The free function library allows software manufacturers such as EULANDA Software GmbH to quickly implement customer-specific applications.

As the software runs on the central host system, there is no need for complex installation on the terminals. The applications are immediately ready for use.

During the application, the terminal maintains a permanent wireless connection to the host system, so that all information can be retrieved on both sides.


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