Sales agent settlement

With the additional module "substitute settlement" you can create commission settlements of representatives. In the standard case, the settlements refer to either sales or earnings. Other procedures can be defined in Customizing.

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Substitutes' addresses are managed independently of the addresses via a separate module. To simplify the entries, it is possible to copy certain addresses into the substitute area.

The commission rate is stored in the substitute master record. Representatives can be assigned to each customer in the address module. When you create an order, the system uses representatives and commission as proposals, but you can overwrite them there.

By default, commission is granted on invoices, regardless of whether they have been paid by the customer or not. It is possible that commission payments can only be made if the customer has paid.


  • any number of representatives
  • Central administration of commission rates
  • Agents can be assigned to customers
  • The assignment and commission can be changed in the order
  • Commission on income or turnover
  • Special forms through customizing (multi-level discounts, prov. on payments, etc.)


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